6 Types of Stories You Should Have On Hand for Job Interviews

Posted On September 17, 2015

The following are citations from an article posted on USA Today’s “College Career Path”, you can read the full article by clicking here.

1. When You Solved a Problem: You’ve likely seen the term “problem solver” listed as a desired skill in almost every job description you’ve read. But, anybody can simply slap that key phrase on his or her resume. The proof is in the pudding, so you need to be prepared to explain a time when you actually exercised this skill.

2. When You Overcame a Challenge: The workplace can be full of obstacles. Whether you need to navigate a tricky relationship with your manager or you get stuck with an overwhelmingly difficult project, it’s important to show that you aren’t quick to back down from a challenge.

3. When You Made a Mistake: We’ve all heard it before—nobody’s perfect. People make mistakes, and interviewers know that you’re no exception. But, what’s important to them is how you react to your slip-ups. Do you sweep them under the rug, or do you address them head on?

4. When You Worked as a Leader: “Leadership” is another one of those job interview buzzwords. And, if you’re applying for amanagement position, you want to be sure to have at least a few solid examples of your leadership skills in your back pocket.

5. When You Worked With a Team: You know the saying — teamwork makes the dream work. And, as you know by now, collaborating with others in the workplace is pretty much inevitable. So, you need to demonstrate that you know how to play nice in the sandbox.

6. When You Did Something Interesting: Yes, interviews place most of the emphasis on your job-related qualifications and competencies. But, if the hiring manager has a decent handle on your background and thinks you’re a potential good fit, he or she might be interested in finding out more about you personally—not just professionally.