Face-to-Face Job Interview Tips

Posted On May 17, 2016

Recruitment expert Shannon Robinson on how to approach an employer for a job:

  • Be confident. Never speak negatively about your past jobs, employers or yourself.
  • Look smart. Your outward appearance is important and you only get one shot to make a first impression.
  • Give them your best brief pitch. Outline your experience and what you’re looking for. Try to convey your passions and goals.
  • Always be sure to have a business card or some way of providing them with your contact information and be sure to get theirs.
  • A firm handshake relays confidence.
  • Your personality is equally important as your qualifications. People hire for two reasons – both your ability to actually do the job and because you would be someone that they or their team would want to work with.
  • Know the background of the company you are meeting, and the responsibilities and qualifications of the position you’re after.
  • Have a couple of questions already prepared about the position and the company. Keep it conversational – professional, but not rehearsed.